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Peer Review, IMEs, Biomechanical, Impact analysis 


File Reviews, Focused Review, Medical Malpractice Review and IME's in all Medical specialties, Osteopathy and Chiropractic.

Slip and Fall...Food Poisoning.....General Liability....Vehicles...Workplace injuries...Explosions...Trucks....Buses

One of the most well known areas of IHC expertise is in medical consulting and injury causation. Our utilization review reports are prepared by licensed physician professionals in the same or most closely similar practice area to that of the treating provider.

The IME physician performing this evaluation will dictate a comprehensive report outlining the present condition of the claimant, and in certain circumstances may be able to make recommendations as to the expected course of future treatment.

Fees for all Medical services vary depending upon the physician specialty required, the size and complexity of the medical records to be reviewed, the geographic location of the physician, and special conditions which may be requested by the client. All client telephone conferences with all IHC consultants in all specialties and professions, and all deposition and trial testimony requests, must be scheduled through IHC personnel. IHC staff time for scheduling and coordinating special services, and for travel and similar arrangements, will be billed in addition to the consultant's fee.